Frequently asked questions

FAQ #1:  Do you accept food products?

  • We never accept any type of food waste nor do we carry dumpsters solely for food waste products.

FAQ #2:  I rented a dumpster and also wanted to clean my yard, can I put this in my dumpster?

  • Yard debris would need to have its own dumpster as it goes to a different dump location.  This would include leaves, brush, tree limbs, or stumps.

FAQ #3:  Are there any items that I cannot put in my dumpster?

  • We never accept any type of food products.  Anything that would go out in your normal weekly trash.  Please refer to tab in regards to restricted items.

FAQ #4:  Do you charge for certain items?

  • Yes.  There would be additional charges per item if placed in the dumpster:

- Mattresses​

- Box springs

- TV's / computers / monitors

- Tires

- Propane Tanks

- Freezers, air conditioners, refrigerators, & dehumidifiers

- Fluorescent lighting and ballasts

*Please refer to tab in regards to restricted items.


Please contact our office if you have a question regarding anything that you are looking to place into the dumpster and are not sure.

FAQ #5:  Do you accept paint?

  • Paint is allowed to go into the dumpster for no additional charge as long as the paint cans have been dried out.